Las Vegas

There are plenty of reasons why Las Vegas attracts more than 6.5 million meeting and conference attendees annually…

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Year in and year out, no U.S. meeting destination hosts more meetings and conventions than Las Vegas, and the most fundamental reason for its dominance is a simple one: Once known solely for its gambling and entertainment, over the last decade the city has reimagined and re-engineered itself into a destination tailor-made for meetings.

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For the Fun of ItOctober 26, 2018
Las Vegas and Reno: Memorable Meetings, Natural Wonders By Steve Winston

People like to meet in destinations where they can have fun after the meetings end for the day.

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Las VegasApril 1, 2018
A Prime Drawing Card for Insurance & Financial Groups By David Swanson

With an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, more than 950 flights arriving daily and more than 150,000 hotel rooms on offer it’s not hard to understand the appeal of Las Vegas as one of the world’s top meeting destinations.

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Nevada MeetingsDecember 1, 2017
From The Strip to The Lake By David Swanson

Nevada delivers a dichotomy of backdrops for meetings, from the glitz and excitement of Las Vegas to the spectacular natural surroundings of Lake Tahoe.

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Las VegasMarch 1, 2017
'Whatever they want, whenever they want it' By Maura Keller

Las Vegas set a new all-time record of 42.9 million visitors in 2016 and welcomed a record number of more than 6.3 million business travelers.

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Las VegasSeptember 1, 2016
The King of Destination Reinvention By Derek Reveron

Traditionally known as a gaming destination, Las Vegas is aggressively transforming itself into a powerful draw for all types of visitors.

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Las VegasMarch 1, 2016
The Fabulous Meeting Experience Keeps Groups Dreaming About Next Time By Mark Rowh

World-class dining, shopping and entertainment experiences await beyond the casino floor.

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Las VegasSeptember 1, 2015
Meeting in the Entertainment Capital Elevates the Experience for Insurance and Financial Meeting Attendees By Maura Keller

Financial and insurance business is on the rise in Las Vegas where a guaranteed ROI makes attendees — and the accounting department — happy.

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How Mega-hotels Are Making Room for Smaller Meetings By Christine Loomis

Small groups experts are giving insurance and financial groups the same attention and service as large-business customers.

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