Luxury Resort Creates Meeting Programs For Mental Health & Wellbeing

March 31, 2022

JW-Marriott-Marco-Island-Beach-Resort-wellness-700pxIn the post-pandemic world, mental health has never been more in the spotlight. While many individuals are returning to work and business travel, burnout remains at an all-time high stemming from the mental load of the past two years. At JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort in Marco Island, Florida, high value is placed on the overall wellbeing of each guest and this brand pillar is materialized through a wide variety of programs that foster a holistic approach to wellness.

According to the 2021 Mental Health at Work Report by Mind Share Partners, three-quarters of full-time U.S. workers reported experiencing at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year. The resort has taken strides to combat this for their meeting and convention guests with the onset of a new initiative, the ‘Zen Den.’ This calming escape provides a respite for conference attendees and can be curated in any of the resort’s unique meeting spaces during a group event. The spa-like environment features a floor-to-ceiling video wall which plays mesmerizing scenes from nature, dim lighting, individual chaise lounges, immersion headphones with calming music, as well as hot tea and water service. The designated quiet zone can be created for anywhere from five to one hundred guests to decompress at a time, ensuring a relaxing experience for all.  This innovative alternative to a traditional coffee break enhances the overall conference experience by ensuring attendees stay in an optimal frame of mind to both retain Information and contribute to discussion.

Another initiative at JW Marriott Marco Island is their Mindful Meditation program, led by the resort’s team of yoga and meditation instructors. The 25-minute session is held daily at 7:30 AM on the resort’s Palms Lawn and is open to all resort guests. The intentional class is meant to help those in attendance begin their day with a moment of peace, reflection and an internal focus on their wellbeing.

The resort also boasts a menu of custom group & event programs created by the property’s Director of Spa and Wellness, Paul Nunez, including emotional health check-ins, fitness activities, self-awareness exercises, classes in the art of a great night’s sleep and nutrition guidance. The culinary team can also assist with crafting custom menus to focus on particular areas of nutritional benefit such as low-inflammation diets, gut-health, keto and paleo offerings and much more. The purpose of these activations is to support guests’ overall wellbeing on-site, but also provide the tools to carry the same intentionality through to their personal lives once they return home.

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