Caesars Entertainment Announces Phased Approach to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Straws and Aims to Provide Guests with Alternative Sustainable Options

October 10, 2018
CF_PR_CET_LogoCaesars Entertainment Corporation, (NASDAQ: CZR, “Caesars Entertainment” or “Caesars”), the world’s most geographically diversified casino-entertainment company, announces a phased approach to the removal of all single-use plastic straws from all U.S. locations.Starting in July 2018, Caesars began phasing out single-use plastic straws as the first approach of eliminating single-use plastic straws and moved to an “upon request only” policy. All drinks are now served without single-use straws or stirrers unless requested or when necessary as a tool to consume a beverage such as frozen drinks, bubble teas, among others.As part of the next phase of this removal, Caesars Entertainment’s strategic sourcing team is developing a permanent selection of sustainable straw options and will continue to pilot new innovative products in the marketplace to find a solution that works best for all Caesars Entertainment properties globally. Currently, select locations have already begun offering alternative options including paper straws, metal reusable straws and bamboo stirrers.”Eliminating single-use plastic straws and stirrers builds upon our pre-existing sustainability commitment and further accelerates our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint as part of our company-wide CSR goals. We are launching this initiative at all U.S. locations, but hope to expand this program globally,” said Ryan Voss, Vice President of Corporate Beverage at Caesars Entertainment.  “Our passion for sustainability doesn’t just start and stop at straws however. At Caesars Entertainment we’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and find innovative solutions that aid in that mission without compromising the quality of our guests’ experience.”

By implementing this program in the U.S., Caesars Entertainment estimates that they will help eliminate approximately 200 million single-use plastic straws, which would have been used once and discarded every year.

This single-use plastic straw ban will also be implemented at CAESARS FORUM upon opening in 2020, a $375 million, 550,000 square-foot conference center with the two largest pillarless ballrooms in the world and FORUM Plaza, the first 100,000 square-foot outdoor meeting and event space in Las Vegas.

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