Most Americans Trust Facial Recognition Technology – But Not At The Airport

June 14, 2019

Government agencies and airlines are ramping up the use of facial recognition technology to screen passengers, even though new research suggests that most Americans are queasy about the use of this technology at airports.

The TSA says facial recognition technology speeds the check-in process at security checkpoints and the Department of Homeland Security says it plans to use facial recognition at the top 20 airports for all international air travelers by 2021 – and at the remainder of airports by 2023.

Travelers are skittish. In a recent PCMag survey of over 2,000 consumers, 69 percent of respondents answered that they trust facial recognition technology in general. But only 28 percent said they were comfortable with the technology used at the airport for identification purposes and to reduce wait times.

Why the huge discrepancy? While consumers are not necessarily opposed to facial recognition technology, they have serious concerns with who controls the biometric data and how it’s being used.

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