What’s Behind The Growing Trend Of Booze-free Events?

July 3, 2019

During her years as a reporter in Washington, D.C. in the 1980s, Jayne O’Donnell says she was averaging two bottles of wine per day.

“I was working on Capitol Hill in the 1980s — it’s no accident the early ’80s were the peak of alcohol use. People were drinking regularly at lunch… I got to the point where I was able to, with the job covering Capitol Hill, continue the college type of drinking,” O’Donnell said.

It got so bad that she went on live television blackout drunk. O’Donnell eventually quit drinking altogether, and in her new article for USA Today, she explores the growing trend of alcohol-free events. She writes, “From booze-less bars to substance-free zones at concerts marked by yellow balloons, sober spots are popping up across the nation in reaction to America’s alcohol-soaked culture, promising a healthy alternative for people in recovery and those who simply want to drink less.”

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