The US Airlines Most Likely To Bump Passengers

November 19, 2019

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Wondering which airline is the most likely to bump you this holiday season?

Austin, Texas-based travel company Upgraded Points recently pored over data released by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to examine the year-over-year change in both voluntary and involuntary denied boardings (IDBs) from the top U.S. airlines to determine which have the highest rates of bumped passengers.

Frontier Airlines leads the way when it comes to the highest IDBs based on passengers bumped and overall volume of passengers, bumping 6.28 passengers per 100,000.

Frontier’s fellow ultra-low-cost carrier, Spirit Airlines ranks second-worst, bumping 5.57 passengers per 100,000. However, Spirit had a higher number of overall IDBs for 2018 (1,529 total).

Alaska Airlines (2.30 IDBs per 100,000), regional carrier PSA Airlines (2.29 IDBs per 100,000) and American Airlines (1.95 IDBs per 100,000) round out the top five, albeit at much lower rates than Frontier and Spirit, which were found to be around two times as likely to bump passengers compared to the remaining three airlines in the top five.

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