Risk Management: Who You Gonna Call?

January 7, 2019

A tsunami, earthquake, bomb, kidnapping or hostage scene; any of these relayed in a past-midnight  conversation to a dozing travel manager is likely to send pulses racing. Taking responsibility for a traveller in distress and whisking them out of harm’s way is the most nerve-wracking experience for any buyer. If you personally sent them out there, you feel responsible. That duty-of-care buck stops with you.

As reported by BBT, no amount of traveler tracking, advice, pre-planning or executive support can prepare you for that call or incident and how to deal with it effectively. Each emergency is different, each requires painstaking attention and must be dealt with properly.

A good dose of nervous energy, at the same time a calm resolve, not to mention collaboration and no end of communication are all part of that adrenaline-fueled first response. “These incidents rarely occur during UK office hours, and often involve many calls and conversations. This could be medical, such as malaria, or political, such as South Sudan’s civil war,” explains Sarah Marshall, travel and security manager at international development company DAI Europe.

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