How To Produce A Really Bad Event

December 2, 2019

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Recently I had the DIS-pleasure of sitting through an invitation-only panel discussion on a topic I was quite excited about. I was attending a very large conference focused on the senior housing industry. The meeting was billed as a state-of-technology breakfast and was sponsored by a company that develops creative solutions for older adults and individuals living with disabilities. Great, I thought. This is the kind of information I would like to know about, maybe write about.

I came away from the meeting having learned a few things about the state of the technology as it applies to senior living communities and older adults themselves, but I didn’t learn nearly as much as I had hoped. Why not, you might ask.  They had a very impressive panel, highlighted by a senior exec from Intel, but there were so many distracting issues that much of it was lost on me.

I came away feeling frustrated and decided that the best thing I could do with my frustration was to reveal the problems––just in case there is someone out there reading this who is planning on running a similar meeting at a conference in 2020.

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