Pittsburgh Airport Uses Artificial Intelligence To Help Inform Travellers

August 6, 2019

It may not help you get through the airport faster, but artificial intelligence (AI) can now give you information on wait times at Pittsburgh International Airport security checkpoints in real time.

The airport recently announced a partnership with Zensors, a Pittsburgh-based company that applies AI to feeds from airport security cameras to estimate wait times at the airport’s three Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints on a minute-by-minute basis.

Wait-time information is then posted on the airport’s information screens and website, including predictions about whether wait times will increase or decrease.

Zensors’ AI observes passenger volume and also includes factors like time of day and TSA staffing levels to make its estimates.

“We know security can be a frustration for travellers and having accurate wait estimates can help set expectations and aid in planning trips,” said Pittsburgh International Airport CEO Christina Cassotis.

The airport is the first in the US to employ the technology.

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