Why You Should Have Your Next Meeting In Anchorage

October 9, 2019

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Anchorage, Alaska, is the perfect backdrop for a successful meeting or convention. The state of Alaska conjures up images of untouched wilderness and unparalleled beauty. It is called the “Last Frontier” and remains one of the United States’ most beautiful, expansive places. For most people, Alaska is a place they’ve always wanted to go. Hold a meeting in Anchorage and not only will delegates have the drop dead, gorgeous backdrop of Alaska’s wilderness, but they will also enjoy the state’s largest city. With two convention centers, more than 8,000 luxurious hotel rooms, an eclectic mix of high-end eateries, world class museums and art galleries, and no sales tax, delegates will be pleasantly surprised to learn they don’t have to sacrifice anything in order to enjoy Alaska.

If you have any questions or queries or need additional information on Alaska please feel free to contact Christina Lewis at 907.257.2376 or visit anchorage.net.

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