How Negative Emotions Can Empower You As A Leader

June 3, 2019

Did you know that fear and anger can be used to your benefit as a leader?

Too often, we resist accepting negative emotional data, such as fear and anger, and don’t give it a chance to inform our decisions. However, with a little practice, we can come to learn that we are holistic individuals and that even negative emotional input has its value. This is done by using your emotional input as valuable information to be analyzed and transformed into positive action.

A good example of this is our fight-or-flight response. Since human life as we know it first began, our species has been aided in its survival by fight or flight. Because its origin is in the emotions, it was developed even before we began higher-level thinking. That doesn’t make it less or more important than our sensory inputs — it’s just another source of information and data and provides an important means of acquiring as much information as possible on which we can make decisions. The more information coming in and the more varied it is, the better.

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