Mobile Passport – Best Kept Secret In International Travel

August 8, 2019

Travel seems to be at an all-time high this summer and some customs lines are incredibly long at certain airports in the US as travelers arrive back.

Mobile Passport can be found at 26 major US airports which cover 85 percent of the international air travel coming into the country. Most recently, Mobile Passport opened at Philadelphia International Airport in March 2019 and will continue to add airports in the months to come.

Mobile Passport is processing over 30,000 travelers a day who are arriving back to the US. Here are some other quick facts about Mobile Passport from this summer’s activities:

  • Downloads / Usage of Mobile Passport after the launch of Mobile Passport Plus: Since launching, Mobile Passport has seen an acceleration of downloads corresponding with the busy summer travel season. July 2019 was the highest month of downloads of all time and MP has now surpassed 7 million total downloads
  • Adoption of Mobile Passport Plus has far exceeded expectations: Mobile Passport can’t comment publicly on exact paid users/revenue numbers, but it can say that they adoption of Mobile Passport plus has far exceeded the original estimates by a factor of 4-5x, pointing to the value and convenience that the app provides to travelers and their families
  • Launch of Mobile QuickClear: Extending on the vision of seamless travel, Mobile Passport recently launched a new service in partnership with Boeing within the Mobile Passport app that enables passengers of Private and Corporate charter (general aviation) aircraft to submit their passport information to their pilots. Behind the scenes, the company is continuing to develop additional services to make travel more seamless. (Mobile Passport announcementBoeing announcement):

Here are some quick benefits of using Mobile Passport while flying this summer or anytime:

  • Mobile Passport is a free app (after answering the questions from Customs and inputting all your passport information, you have 4 hours to use the code that is given to you), or you can pay $14.99 per year and be able to store all your passport information on your phone and not have to input that information every time you travel internationally.
  • With Mobile Passport, travelers gain access to express lanes and often clear Customs in just a few minutes as they return to the US
  • Using Mobile Passport is as simple as downloading the app, entering your passport information, and submitting the Customs form digitally. Users have literally downloaded the app while in the long Customs line and then moved to the Mobile Passport Control express lane.
  • With Mobile Passport, several family members can travel together using the same App profile, you simply add more passports to the app.
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