Health: How To Keep Fit While On Business Trips

August 25, 2019

Most of my clients are extremely busy, high flying executives. It is pretty normal for them to crisscross across continents on a monthly basis. Since they are my clients, they are pretty serious about their health and fitness. I shall not lie to you but maintaining decent levels of fitness for a travelling executive is fairly difficult but not impossible. Eating hotel food, fatigue from travel, disrupted sleep all have an adverse impact on the body. The older you are, the worse the impact! But these harmful side effects can be ameliorated with having a plan and sticking to it.

Some of the things that can help staying on track with your fitness goals are as follows:

Being flexible: You may not have the luxury of having a decent gym in your hotel. These days most hotels have gyms but if travelling to smaller towns, then the hotel gyms are not so great. Also you may not have the time to get a full workout in. But aim should be able do what you can, with what you have. Here if you have personal trainer, he/she can change things around for you. I usually ask my clients to send me a picture of the gym and I change the program for them, keeping the availability of the equipment in mind. Sometimes it is just a quick circuit of push up, squats, lunges, various planks etc.

Sleep: Travelling internationally plays havoc with sleep patterns. Lack of sleep then interferes with almost everything. I recommend that my clients are well prepared to tackle this by talking to their doctor and taking certain supplements which can help the body better adapt to the change in time zones and regularise their sleep.

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