Generation Z – Punctuality Is A Timeless Business Lesson

July 12, 2019

As I continue to teach from my soon out book about Millenials, I am talking to many people about about the differences between Millenials, Boomers, and GenXers, and how upper management can adapt to accommodate these differences. Yet, I’m also struck by the fact that, despite generational gaps, select pieces of age-old leadership advice still holds true today. I recently added short final chapter on Generation Z to the book on Millennials, they are just too important.

One of these classic managerial tenets is punctuality. No matter who you are managing or who you are reporting to, it’s important to be on time–both in person and with your responsibilities.

Picture this: a job applicant is late to an interview, even by five minutes, and you on the other end are growing increasingly frustrated with their delay. As the person conducting the interview you feel disrespected and in turn you lose respect for the prospective candidate. They may as well have not applied–their tardiness has effectively lost them the job.

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