American and Delta Will Collaborate During Flight Disruptions

January 26, 2018

Skift reports that Delta Air Lines and American Airlines will resume their arrangement that allows them to rebook passengers on each other’s flights during poor weather or when operational problems cause flight delays or cancellations.

American and Delta cancelled an interline agreement in 2015 amid a contract dispute. Delta didn’t want to help a competitor with a significantly worse on-time record, at least without American paying more money for each customer. Delta said it helped five American customers for every one it sent to American. (At around the same time, United agreed to a new interline deal with Delta, at higher rates.)

“American and Delta have agreed to terms on a new interline agreement, which takes effect January 24, and will give the airlines the option of rebooking customers onto each other’s flights in the event of unexpected flight disruptions,” American spokeswoman Leslie Scott said.

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