3 Easy Ways To Eliminate Unproductive ‘Work About Work’ From Your Day

November 15, 2019

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The plague of unproductive ”work about work” has infiltrated the workplace. And it’s even more potent and pervasive than we thought.

Take a guess: How much time do you spend on “work about work” such as checking email, searching for information, sitting in unproductive meetings, or the countless other tasks that don’t move the needle in terms of advancing your career trajectory? Now, to get an accurate gauge, double your estimate.

According to a recent Asana study (full disclosure: I work for Asana) based on a 2019 qualitative survey among 10,223 global knowledge workers–workers whose jobs center on knowledge and information–workers grossly underestimate the time they spend on work about work. While global knowledge workers think they spend over a third of their time on work about work, they actually spend nearly double that time–60 percent–on work about work.

While there’s no cure-all for work about work, there are protective measures you can take. Here are three strategies to avoid falling victim to toxic and unproductive work. By embracing these strategies, you’ll be primed to build up powerful immunity against work about work.

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