2018 PCMA European Influencers Summit

May 16, 2018

A catalyst for creating invaluable career-long business connections, this networking and education experience will empower participants to embrace disruption and inspire unconventional thinking.

This exclusive and unique networking and education experience is designed for experienced association executives, corporate business event leaders and event industry business professionals.

If you’re ready to shed outmoded strategies and thrive in this chaotic digital age — register now and become your organization’s leading change agent.

  • This is a rare opportunity to connect with the most influential business event leaders and association CEOs in Europe.
  • Access to big thinkers from outside and within the industry to expand your horizons.
  • Learn the latest consumer engagement trends to set your organization apart from the competition.
  • Gain insight into why exponential business model transformation is essential to create value in these volatile times.

PCMA European Influencers Summit; PCMA

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