Online Events Also Can Be Effective By Elin Warfvinge

We live in a world where you have a bunch of different options and tools to help you host live streams and virtual meetings…

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GDPR — Get Ready to Transform Data Privacy By BCD Meetings & Events

While the GDPR is a European privacy law, it has global reach and impact.

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Event TechnologyApril 1, 2018
Enhance Your 2018 Conferences With Leading-edge Event Tech By Ken Edwards

If you’re a financial or insurance meeting professional, you can enhance your conferences by deploying strategies that address the needs of your stakeholders.

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How to drive event attendance, engage attendees throughout the year — and improve time management.

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Start With Plotting Larger Tactical Business Objectives By Scott Steinberg

The goal for meeting planners is to be good at their business because of social media.

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By Melissa Van Dyke

Given the amount and velocity of digital change, how are meeting planners adapting? What is influencing their adoption of these technologies and what pitfalls are they encountering?

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How to Save Money and Avoid Hassles By Brandt Krueger

Although the video recording of events and conferences in the financial and insurance industries has been a trend for several years now, the use of these recordings has changed drastically.

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Why Business Relationships Take More Than Texting, Friending and Online Connecting By Michael Houlihan

It’s official: Email, texting and social media are no longer just helpful supplemental business tools. They’ve taken over the whole game.

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