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Hospitality UpdateJanuary 1, 2016
A sampling of the most highly anticipated hotels and resorts for 2016. By Ron Bernthal

Insurance and financial corporate planners will have many deluxe new and recently renovated hotels & resorts to consider in the year ahead.

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Prepare a Strategy That Yields a High Response Rate By Derek Reveron

Experts advise planners to send detailed electronic RFPs to a targeted list of properties for greater success.

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Renovation ROIJanuary 1, 2015
New & Renovated Hotels Can Offer More for Less, Even in a Seller's Market By Patrick Simms

Booking new builds and re-builds can offset rising rates, but it’s important to hammer out the pros and cons first.

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Above All, an Experience That Makes Them Feel Special By Patrick Simms

But incentive travelers aren’t just looking for a pleasant, convenient lodging experience. They want a hotel or resort that is part of the reward for making their sales quota over a long, challenging qualifying period.

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Hotel BuyoutsMay 1, 2013
The Benefits of Buyouts and How to Negotiate the Best Deal By Karen Brost

When the situation involves a meeting that requires a high degree of privacy or exclusivity — a hotel or resort buyout just might fit the bill.

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Hotels and resorts nationwide are taking advantage of the resilient economy to spruce up properties in order to keep pace with competitors and attract budget-conscious planners seeking value.

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