Meeting WellFebruary 1, 2018
Adding Health & Wellness Programming to the Agenda By

Offering healthier food options, fitness and stress reduction programs show attendees that the company cares and helps them lead by example with their clients.

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Planners Offer Firsthand Perspective From the Field By

We went to the experts, planners, to find out which, if any, trends are rising to the top and where incentives may be in the next year.

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Private, Secure MeetingsFebruary 1, 2018
Destinations That Offer Added Protections for Sensitive Business By

Keeping high-level meetings on the down-low makes site selection especially challenging for insurance and financial services company meeting professionals.

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See It Like a LocalDecember 1, 2017
CVBs Have the Inside Scoop on Memorable Destination Experiences By

Meetings provide an opportunity to visit new destinations and learn about the things that make them exciting and different.

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Q&A With FICPDecember 1, 2017
FICP Executive Director Steve Bova Reflects on the State of the Industry With a Look to 2018 By

From regulatory and other challenges to trends for the coming year.

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Winning Golf ProgramsDecember 1, 2017
Golf Pros and Planners Share Their Secrets of Success By

A symbiotic relationship between a company’s meeting planner and the golf director at a resort is the key to a smooth golf program for a corporate group.

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The Chefs’ ChoiceOctober 1, 2017
Hot Food Trends and Techniques to Turn Any F&B Event Into a Memorable Experience By

Food is known as the great human equalizer, and can be a fantastic way to bridge any differences and to experience local flavor. And bringing a local holiday or custom to life in your event offers a wealth of potential “wow” moments in the cuisine.

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Effective Programs Reignite Camaraderie, Support Company Goals — and Give Back By

According to experts, teambuilding can improve employee productivity, morale and engagement, and foster collaboration and problem-solving skills while strengthening bonds among coworkers.

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The Budget SqueezeOctober 1, 2017
Meeting the Challenge of Rising Costs By

The budgeting process for meetings and events is more demanding and daunting than ever before. And rising costs that cannot easily be counteracted by negotiating tactics make the task all the more challenging.

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Gaming ResortsAugust 1, 2017
Betting on Meetings With More Business-Focused Spaces and Services By

Several recent investments by properties in the gaming hubs of Las Vegas, Atlantic City and southeastern Connecticut show a laser focus on meetings.

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