Event Tech UpdateJanuary 1, 2018
Stay Up to Speed So You Don’t Get Left Behind By Derek Reveron

Planners are gradually adopting a growing variety of event technologies, but are a long way from reaping the full benefits. As a result, experts say, they are missing out on ways to increase planning efficiency and improve the attendee experience.

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Meeting Tech UpdateOctober 1, 2017
Digital Innovations That Maximize ROI and the Attendee Experience By Maura Keller

Today, we live in a rapidly changing, digital environment and as a result, there is a plethora of products and ideas to make meetings more engaging that have been explored for years.

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'Understanding Technology Diminishes Fear of It' By Derek Reveron

More than 70 percent of planners say they devote less than one-fourth of their time using tech tools, according to an MPI study.

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How to Mine a Treasure Trove of Insights to Improve Meeting Outcomes By Maura Keller

Harness the avalanche of information that can be collected from meetings and learn what works and what doesn’t.

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Liabilities and Due Diligence in Managing Data, Email, Websites and Social Media By Sophia Bennett

What are the emerging risks of digital communications and how can we avoid them?

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Information Security Is More Important Than Ever By Mark Rowh

The meeting environment offers rich hunting grounds for online crooks.

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How to Best Explore the Ever-Changing Path to Tech Utopia By Derek Reveron

Experts predict that planners will eventually use technology for every phase of planning.

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How Planners Are Upgrading Meeting Engagement, Motivation and Connections By John Buchanan

The expectations of how technology will excite and inform at meetings are growing and evolving.

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The Tech ConundrumJuly 1, 2016
There's Always a New App for That, But Is the Newest Always the Best? By John Buchanan

Technology has come to dominate the meetings industry, but planners can feel overwhelmed trying to keep up.

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Get Ready for Eye-Opening Hotel and Meeting Experiences By John Buchanan

Imagine smart robots not only performing functions at hotels but interacting with meeting attendees in a calculated, purpose-driven way.

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