One of the marks of a great conference, meeting or event is how memorable the speakers are…

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Interactive Meetings and Events Help Build Professional Relationships By Maura Keller

These days, teambuilding activities are the “name of the game,” with companies and organizations of all sizes investing time, resources and energy into building better teams with fun, interactive, creative meetings and events.

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It’s a Giving ThingDecember 1, 2017
Meetings With Meaning Are More Important Than Ever for Companies and Their Employees By Mark Rowh

“Many employees, especially the younger ones, want to know how the company they work for is making a difference.”

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Trivia, Escape Rooms, Rock Bands, Race Cars, All Produce Results By Christine Loomis

The one overriding goal is that teambuilding should positively affect a company’s bottom line and/or culture when all is said and done.

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Next Level TeambuildingNovember 1, 2016
Going Beyond the Fun and Camaraderie to Achieve Higher Work Performance By Patrick Simms

True teambuilding requires participants to collaborate on reaching a goal that connects to workplace performance.

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It’s Not Just All Fun and Games By Karen Brost

Corporate teambuilding can play a significant role in helping an organization reach important goals.

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The Art of TeambuildingNovember 1, 2014
Be Bold, Take Risks, Drop Your Guard, and Learn a New, Powerful Way of Thinking and Doing By Christine Loomis

Discover how common “horse sense” can lead to transformational change.

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Give Attendees a Fresh New Mindset — Without Leaving Their Comfort Zone By Gabi Logan

Planners are increasingly going glamping — taking their meetings and incentives to the mountain peaks, lunching around a campfire and teambuilding on the trail.

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Physical and Mental Challenges That Strengthen Workplace Performance By Patrick Simms

Much of the teamwork that happens in corporate America today is through virtual communications, with the work force becoming increasingly remote and decentralized. But it is teamwork nonetheless, and when employees do gather for a face-to-face meeting, it bears emphasizing the value of effective collaboration. A teambuilding activity, one that serves as a metaphor for workplace performance, has long been a means to that end.

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