Enlighten Up!November 1, 2017
New Learning Opportunities for Hot Topics and Meeting Planning Challenges of the Day By Patrick Simms

Ongoing education is a must in the profession. Certificate programs such as the CMP and CMM provide tactical and strategic foundations, but beyond that, successful planners feel the need to stay current on a variety of topics.

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Planners Make the Shift From ‘Memorable’ to ‘Return on Experience’ By Patrick Simms

Meetings must leave a lasting, positive impression on attendees, and that is best achieved when great content is combined with a hospitality experience that is both high quality and distinctive.

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Strengthening Industry Relationships That Are Crucial to Success By Maura Keller

Meeting planners, CVBs, live event agencies, DMCs, rental companies and other suppliers must work effectively together to deliver the best possible outcome.

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Vendor RelationshipsSeptember 1, 2016
Take the High Road to Foster Great Partnerships By Mark Rowh

Most planners agree that positive vendor relationships are a key to successful meetings.

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How to Avoid Those Dreaded Meeting Goofs By Mark Rowh

There may be no such thing as a perfect meeting, but a combination of foresight and adequate follow-up can overcome mistakes.

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Like a Good Marriage, Respect, Communication & Kindness Are Keys to Success By Mark Rowh

In true partnerships, everyone comes out a winner.

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Specialize, Partner With Other Planners and Integrate With Clients to Succeed By Patrick Simms

Independent planners excel when they concentrate on their finest skill sets and collaborate with other third parties.

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Take the Stress Out of Getting There, Save Time and Manage Life 'Out of Office' By Gabi Logan

Business travel apps smooth the way for planners and attendees.

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Forging Optimal Relationships Requires Real Partnership and Communication By Christine Loomis

The relationship between meeting planners and hoteliers is complex. Both groups want many of the same things, including a strong economy and a thriving meetings industry.

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Dear Sales Manager…November 1, 2013
How to Win a Meeting Planner's Business By Michael Bassett

As we are in the midst of a strong seller’s market, some planners feel as if they’ve become very junior members of a partnership with hotel sales managers who no longer need their business the way they did a few years ago. It’s making them a bit peevish as they wonder whether hotel sales managers are doing all they can to win their business.

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