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From Floundering Failures to Super Successes By Christine Loomis

Success, according to legions of leaders from industry, politics and beyond, is in many ways dependent on failure. John C. Maxwell, noted author and speaker, put it this way: “Without failure, there is no achievement.” Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX among other companies, famously points to his resume of “epic failures” and says, “If things […]

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Putting Big Data to WorkDecember 1, 2017
Crunching the Numbers to Create Better Events and Improve Meeting Outcomes By Maura Keller

The object of any data mining exercise is to produce “actionable” intelligence.

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Budgeting by DesignNovember 1, 2017
The Art of Scrimping and Saving on Everything — Except the Attendee Experience By Patrick Simms

The guiding principle for any cost-saving strategy should be to preserve the quality of the experience for the attendees, because that is the basis for ROI.

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Planners Make the Shift From ‘Memorable’ to ‘Return on Experience’ By Patrick Simms

Meetings must leave a lasting, positive impression on attendees, and that is best achieved when great content is combined with a hospitality experience that is both high quality and distinctive.

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How to Mine a Treasure Trove of Insights to Improve Meeting Outcomes By Maura Keller

Harness the avalanche of information that can be collected from meetings and learn what works and what doesn’t.

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Why ROO, ROI and ROE Are Important Tools for Success By John Buchanan

Meeting metrics help reinforce the notion that face-to-face meetings are critical to all industries and all companies.

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Vendor RelationshipsSeptember 1, 2016
Take the High Road to Foster Great Partnerships By Mark Rowh

Most planners agree that positive vendor relationships are a key to successful meetings.

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Don’t eBlast Your Way Out of Contention — Stand Out From the Crowd By Derek Reveron

There is a heightened awareness that eRFPs are becoming counterproductive for planners.

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Companies With Strategic Meetings Management Programs Negotiate Better Dates, Rates and Terms By Patrick Simms

Negotiating leverage and strong supplier partnerships are among the results of a successful SMMP.

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Like a Good Marriage, Respect, Communication & Kindness Are Keys to Success By Mark Rowh

In true partnerships, everyone comes out a winner.

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