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Are planners willing to change the way they think and embrace a new approach? By John Buchanan

Over the past decade, the planning and execution of corporate meetings have been transformed into something more sophisticated than what had preceded for a half-century. But throughout that remarkable metamorphosis, one element has remained virtually unchanged — the meeting room.

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Event Tech UpdateJanuary 1, 2018
Stay Up to Speed So You Don’t Get Left Behind By Derek Reveron

Planners are gradually adopting a growing variety of event technologies, but are a long way from reaping the full benefits. As a result, experts say, they are missing out on ways to increase planning efficiency and improve the attendee experience.

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Creating Unforgettable Moments That Resonate Long After the Event Is Over By Christine Loomis

Creating a theme for a corporate event is serious business. The right theme ties a meeting together and helps focus attendees on their organization’s core objective for the meeting and often the coming year.

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Planners Make the Shift From ‘Memorable’ to ‘Return on Experience’ By Patrick Simms

Meetings must leave a lasting, positive impression on attendees, and that is best achieved when great content is combined with a hospitality experience that is both high quality and distinctive.

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Outlook 2017December 1, 2016
From Travel Costs to the Trump Presidency, What Planners Are Predicting for Next Year By Patrick Simms

Meeting budgets are increasing, but so, too, are the challenges.

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2015 Brought Changes — Some Good for Passengers, Some Not — and 2016 Appears to Offer More of the Same By Christine Loomis

Airline travel is not the luxury it once was; it is a necessity for business travelers in an increasingly global setting.

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2015 Meetings OutlookDecember 1, 2014
The View From Industry Insiders By Coastal Communications

Everything is looking up for the meetings industry in 2015, which is a mixed blessing for planners: Group demand is up, but so too are room rates and travel costs.

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