Event Planning

Experts Offer Advice About Event Cybersafety By Maura Keller

In an age where technology controls many facets of a business, attention to cybersecurity when face-to-face meetings resume will be paramount…

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Island Retreats Offer Idyllic Hideaways and More for Planners and Attendees By Christine Loomis

As retreats go, nothing beats having your convention or event on an island replete with sandy beaches, turquoise water and fun in the sun…

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Moving ForwardJune 24, 2020
Industry Executives Weigh in on the Future After COVID-19 By Rachel Galvin

Is the meetings business as we have known it changed forever?

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“If you don’t have a formal crisis communication plan, it’s too often that either nobody will respond to the problem, or too many people will…”

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“Relationship building is, and always will be, an advantage to those who realize its importance…”

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One of the marks of a great conference, meeting or event is how memorable the speakers are…

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Meeting Rooms of the Future

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Better Safe Than SorryFebruary 19, 2019
Every Planner Should Have an Effective Emergency Plan in Place for All Events By Christine Loomis

Every planner should have a comprehensive safety and security plan in place for every event, as well as thorough knowledge of the safety and security protocols and procedures at host venues.

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Partners in ProgressOctober 17, 2018
Being In It to Win It With Suppliers Will Ensure Pulling Off a Successful Event By Maura Keller

Have you ever worked with a meeting or event industry supplier who meshes so well with your vision it’s simply startling? You know the ones — they are organized, effective and deliver on their promises each and every time.

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Meetings at SeaSeptember 21, 2018
How Planners Motivate Top Performers By Patrick Simms

Every incentive program needs a “selling point” to potential qualifiers, and for most, the prospect of a cruise with a captivating itinerary is a strong enough motivation.

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