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Better Safe Than SorryFebruary 19, 2019
Every Planner Should Have an Effective Emergency Plan in Place for All Events By Christine Loomis

Every planner should have a comprehensive safety and security plan in place for every event, as well as thorough knowledge of the safety and security protocols and procedures at host venues.

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Partners in ProgressOctober 17, 2018
Being In It to Win It With Suppliers Will Ensure Pulling Off a Successful Event By Maura Keller

Have you ever worked with a meeting or event industry supplier who meshes so well with your vision it’s simply startling? You know the ones — they are organized, effective and deliver on their promises each and every time.

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Meetings at SeaSeptember 21, 2018
How Planners Motivate Top Performers By Patrick Simms

Every incentive program needs a “selling point” to potential qualifiers, and for most, the prospect of a cruise with a captivating itinerary is a strong enough motivation.

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Our Group of Savvy and Experienced Meeting Pros Share Their Insights and Perspectives By Christine Loomis

The core elements of meeting planning remain largely the same. But forces impacting them change regularly, requiring planners to make ongoing adjustments to work parameters and processes.

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Do Your Homework and Find Someone to Keep Your Attendees Wanting More By Maura Keller

Whether a meeting planner is looking to motivate employees, inspire an audience or educate C-level executives on the latest marketing strategies, hiring a professional speaker is often easier said than done.

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From Floundering Failures to Super Successes By Christine Loomis

Success, according to legions of leaders from industry, politics and beyond, is in many ways dependent on failure. John C. Maxwell, noted author and speaker, put it this way: “Without failure, there is no achievement.” Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX among other companies, famously points to his resume of “epic failures” and says, “If things […]

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Don’t Let Drive-Time Snafus Kick Your Meeting to the Curb By Derek Reveron

No one congratulates planners when ground transportation runs smoothly. But suppose a bus on its way to pick up attendees has an accident, gets stuck in heavy traffic, breaks down or becomes lost?

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New & Renovated HotelsFebruary 1, 2018
Building Interest From Coast to Coast By Patrick Simms

Long-established meeting destinations such as Atlantic City, New York and Las Vegas thrive in part on a certain nostalgic appeal.

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Stories From the Field and Lessons Learned By Christine Loomis

Weather disruptions can put the resourcefulness of meeting planners to the test as they must anticipate and adapt to rapidly changing conditions to salvage current and future programs.

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The Human-centric Approach That Leads to Deeper Meaning, Innovation, Insight and Positive Outcomes By Christine Loomis

No one has ever elected to have a “purposeless” meeting. What, after all, would be the point of a meeting with no goals or objectives, one during which participants gather together to work toward nothing, engage in nothing and thus get nothing out of it?

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