Let These Meetings Industry Pros — and Your Conscience — Be Your Guide By Derek Reveron

Every industry faces ethics challenges, and meeting planning certainly is no exception. Something that looks like an incentive can be intended as a bribe.

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The Answer Is Not Always Black or White — But Often Many Shades of Gray By Christine Loomis

Not every meeting planner sees every ethical issue in exactly the same way. But most agree on this point: If it feels wrong, it probably is.

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Like a Good Marriage, Respect, Communication & Kindness Are Keys to Success By Mark Rowh

In true partnerships, everyone comes out a winner.

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Planners Need to Know the Difference and Pledge to Act Accordingly By Gabi Logan

Meeting planning ethics codes are black and white, but often do not account for the shades of gray that meeting planners encounter in the field everyday.

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Beware the Ethical Pitfalls of Planning By Timothy Herrick

The theory of ethics may have been conceived by Aristotle, but defining what constitutes ethical planning behavior has never been more complex, and the potential impact on a career rarely so dire. Meeting planners have long worked under a code of ethics, but those lines defining ethics are not as clear they were a decade […]

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