A Fresh Look Reveals Some Hidden Gems By

There’s a wealth of affordable and intriguing meeting options in these hard-working cities.

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Setting the Tone for a Momentous Meeting Experience By

Meeting in historic, high-end hotels can leave attendees (and planners) feeling like they’re being treated like royalty.

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Safety & Security at Meetings in Europe By

Industry experts advise planners on best practices for risk assessment and preparedness.

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How to Avoid Those Dreaded Meeting Goofs By

There may be no such thing as a perfect meeting, but a combination of foresight and adequate follow-up can overcome mistakes.

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Engaging Four Distinctly Diverse Sets of Values, Attitudes, Lifestyles and Communication Styles By

More than two-thirds of planners say the multigenerational work force will change the way they design meetings over the next five years.

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Planners Look to Cities With Suppliers Who Understand Compliance Guidelines By

A strong local medical community and suppliers who are certified and know the rules help cities become major players.

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How Hotels Are Changing to Attract Millennial Meetings By

From designer staff uniforms to nontraditional event spaces and cutting-edge technology, more hotels are catering to Gen Y preferences.

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Gaming ResortsMarch 1, 2016
From Coast to Coast, Appealing Options Await at Casino Hotels and Resorts By

Discover some planner favorites as well as what’s new from New Jersey to Nevada.

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Encouraging Green Initiatives at Events Is Good Business, Too By

A holistic approach to sustainability encompasses environmental, economic and social issues.

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Don’t eBlast Your Way Out of Contention — Stand Out From the Crowd By

There is a heightened awareness that eRFPs are becoming counterproductive for planners.

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