Setting SailSeptember 1, 2015
Discover the Whys and Wherefores of Meeting at Sea By

Meeting at sea is a great way to make the next business meeting or event you plan a truly memorable one.

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Tech Companies Often Lead the Way in Eco-Responsible Practices By

A corporate culture informed by sustainability is reflected in an eco-minded approach to events.

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How Planners Design Events to Facilitate Connections By

Companies that truly appreciate the value of networking treat it as more than an afterthought, proactively fostering introductions and relationship-building among attendees.

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The Jury's Still Out on Whether Apple Watches, Google Glass and Other Wearable Devices Are Hype or Here to Stay By

Looking to the future, providers aim to transform meeting planning with wearable technology.

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Amenities, Services and Meeting Spaces Match Those of City Hotels By

Airport hotels are often the first choice for many planners who want convenient meeting facilities at good value.

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Like a Good Marriage, Respect, Communication & Kindness Are Keys to Success By

In true partnerships, everyone comes out a winner.

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Ignite Excitement, Engagement and Performance All Year Long By

Creative ways to reinforce and underline the company’s mission or objective throughout the meeting.

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Destination Management Companies 'Make the Planner Look Like the Hero' By

Leverage local knowledge for optimum deals and extraordinary events.

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Use Gamification, Mobile Apps and a Focus on Community to Relive the Meeting Experience All Year Long By

It’s essential that all event messaging is focused on the self-interests of the attendees rather than the interests of the meeting sponsor.

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Site Selection Advice to Planners From Planners By

Entering into a contract with new builds or recently renovated properties can provide great opportunities for planners, but stressful challenges as well.

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