Ship vs. ShoreFebruary 1, 2017
All-Inclusive Perks, Plus New Technology, New Dining & New Experiences Bring Incentive Groups On Board By

Incentive cruises offer planners and attendees a chance to experience a world where the only surprises are good ones.

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Planners Share Their Advice on Contending With Contentious Clauses By

Today’s hotel market has complicated traditional hotel contracts — and the planner’s job.

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From Rural to Urban, a Look at Locales That Cater to Planners’ Needs By

The revenue from small groups has become so important to most hotels that they are hiring small meetings sales specialists.

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Availability, Flexibility and Dedication to Getting Business Done Attract Corporate Meetings By

The seller’s market has pushed planners to use more outside-the-box venues — and they’re being won over.

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How to Understand and Make the Most of the Differences Among the Ages By

Knowing how to accommodate generational differences in preferences and expectations results in effective collaboration.

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How to Best Explore the Ever-Changing Path to Tech Utopia By

Experts predict that planners will eventually use technology for every phase of planning.

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Solo Women Business Travelers Face Special Risks — Here's How to Mitigate Them By

There are gender differences related to risk that corporate travel programs should address.

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The Foodie ExperienceJanuary 1, 2017
For Sophisticated Attendees, Creativity in Cuisine and Presentation Is Everything By

One of the biggest trends in F&B these days is not actually about the food. It’s about how the food is presented and displayed.

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Planners Reveal Their Favorite Hotel Brands and Why By

Brand loyalists expect consistency in group service, F&B, amenities, property design and more.

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Entertainment by DesignDecember 1, 2016
Deliver a Personal, Interactive Experience That Fits Your Demographics and Event Theme By

“Entertainment should not be an afterthought. The success of entertainment has to come from a design perspective.”

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