The Tech ConundrumJuly 1, 2016
There's Always a New App for That, But Is the Newest Always the Best? By

Technology has come to dominate the meetings industry, but planners can feel overwhelmed trying to keep up.

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What Planners Are Saying About the Broadening Options in Professional Certifications and Certificates By

From the CMP and CMM to specialization certificates and designations, meeting planners have multiple avenues to advancement.

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The Most Common Attacks and How to Prevent Them By

“The risks involved in meeting and conventions…have actually grown at a faster rate than any other sector.”

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The Upside and Downside of Being First in Line By

Meeting planners are drawn to new and renovated hotels for a myriad of reasons.

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How Planners Are Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape By

Uber, Lyft, car services, shuttles and buses all can come into play when mobilizing attendees at the destination.

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Strategic CSRJune 1, 2016
Doing Good While Supporting the Company's Business Goals By

Extending corporate social responsibility into the meetings sphere is not only the right thing to do, it creates a more engaged work force.

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Where Seaside Events Rise to the Occasion By

Mother Nature ‘decorates’ seaside events with palm trees, sunsets and peaceful vistas.

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Bold (& Brash) Lessons for the Meetings and Hotel Industries From the Boss of Bravado By

The presumptive Republican nominee may be a politically polarizing figure, but brand marketing is his true north.

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The Sweet Spot for Reward and Incentive Programs By

Meetings at golf and spa resorts combine achieving corporate business goals with time for employees to play and relax.

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A Fresh Look Reveals Some Hidden Gems By

There’s a wealth of affordable and intriguing meeting options in these hard-working cities.

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