Top Experts Advise Planners to Give Far Greater Attention and Care to Legal Matters By

Sloppy contracting and a lack of clear communication and negotiation over key terms is common in today’s harried meeting industry.

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Hotels Favored by Heads of State Are Highly Desirable for VIPs and Corporate Events By

A hotel’s background in catering to presidents bodes well as executives will surely experience the same level of service and decorum.

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It’s Not Just All Fun and Games By

Corporate teambuilding can play a significant role in helping an organization reach important goals.

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Companies With Strategic Meetings Management Programs Negotiate Better Dates, Rates and Terms By

Negotiating leverage and strong supplier partnerships are among the results of a successful SMMP.

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Invest in Yourself!October 1, 2015
Continuous Learning Options Abound for Career Development By

Meeting professionals face increasing demands from their clients and employers to prove their skills in a constantly changing industry.

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Get Ready for Eye-Opening Hotel and Meeting Experiences By

Imagine smart robots not only performing functions at hotels but interacting with meeting attendees in a calculated, purpose-driven way.

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The Shape of WellnessOctober 1, 2015
Where Health & Productivity Meet and Attendees Can Be Their ‘Best Selves’ By

Today’s corporate environment has embraced the wellness trend — incorporating wellness and fitness activities, and healthful food options throughout all facets of their meetings.

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NextGen CVBsOctober 1, 2015
The Changing Role of Destination Marketing Organizations By

The role of CVBs and DMOs is evolving to meet the changing needs of its markets now that we live in a digital world.

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Event marketing has evolved into a more complex discipline to create immersive experiences and two-way conversations.

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Setting SailSeptember 1, 2015
Discover the Whys and Wherefores of Meeting at Sea By

Meeting at sea is a great way to make the next business meeting or event you plan a truly memorable one.

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