How Planners and Destination Management Companies Partnered to Create Spectacular Events By

Read how a trio of planners and their DMC partners collaborated to pull off stellar events.

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Strengthening Industry Relationships That Are Crucial to Success By

Meeting planners, CVBs, live event agencies, DMCs, rental companies and other suppliers must work effectively together to deliver the best possible outcome.

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Brands Continually Roll Out New and Renewed Properties to Stay Competitive By

It pays to keep an eye on even the less-traveled pockets of the country where meeting hotel development is surging.

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A New Name, New Mission and New Value Proposition for Destination Organizations By

President and CEO Don Welsh tells how DMAI’s rebranding will significantly empower CVBs to excel.

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Creating a Higher Level of Engagement Through Personalization, Interactivity, Technology and Even the Unexpected By

In this ever more distracted world, meeting planners are on a continual quest for new and innovative ways to capture attendees’ attention and make an impact.

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How Growing Safety and Security Concerns Are Impacting Overseas Site Selection By

Over the last year, a series of terrorist attacks has dampened enthusiasm for some popular European destinations.

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'Understanding Technology Diminishes Fear of It' By

More than 70 percent of planners say they devote less than one-fourth of their time using tech tools, according to an MPI study.

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Bringing People Together Is Vital to Business Success By

Planning the networking component of an event requires just as much strategic forethought as the rest of the event.

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Meet at the BeachJune 1, 2017
A Welcome Break From the Ordinary By

Any meeting at an oceanfront resort should have the right balance between indoor and outdoor activities, and work and play time.

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Golf & Spa ResortsJune 1, 2017
A Score Card on Select Properties From the Planner Point of View By

Golf and spa resorts are expert hosts for corporate tournaments, but they meet the needs of planners and attendees in many other ways.

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