Experts Offer Advice About Event Cybersafety By

In an age where technology controls many facets of a business, attention to cybersecurity when face-to-face meetings resume will be paramount…

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Island Retreats Offer Idyllic Hideaways and More for Planners and Attendees By

As retreats go, nothing beats having your convention or event on an island replete with sandy beaches, turquoise water and fun in the sun…

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Budget BeatersJune 24, 2020
Innovation & Inspiration Under a Tight Spending Plan By

“In light of reduced marketing budgets, it’s imperative to make every dollar you spend have a direct impact on the pipeline you are driving with those dollars…”

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Medical MovesJune 24, 2020
Embracing the Nuances of Health Care Meetings By

The COVID-19 pandemic has created myriad challenges for the meetings and events within the medical community…

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Moving ForwardJune 24, 2020
Industry Executives Weigh in on the Future After COVID-19 By

Is the meetings business as we have known it changed forever?

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Cruise ControlJune 24, 2020
Cruise Lines Planning To Sail Full Steam Ahead By

While the global health crisis has “docked” the cruise industry for the last several months, the return to the high seas isn’t too far off…

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“If you don’t have a formal crisis communication plan, it’s too often that either nobody will respond to the problem, or too many people will…”

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Technological advancements within the meetings and events sector are in a constant state of flux…

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It is always worthwhile to revisit the ever-evolving topic of contract negotiation…

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“Relationship building is, and always will be, an advantage to those who realize its importance…”

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