Arm Yourself With Intuitive Event Technology By Robert Edwards

Talk about big data is everywhere. It’s the new gold that everyone wants to mine, including meeting planners. The challenge is how to convert this data into useful, actionable items.

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Interactive Tech and Boutique-Style Menus Lead By Phelps R. Hope

The meetings and conferences industry saw many changes in 2017 and that trend continues through next year.

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Collecting the Right Data to Get the Right Results By Charlie Wright

Event managers want easy-to-use technology that will provide them with the right data, and if you can show them the value, they are willing to pay for it.

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By Jeffrey Barnhart

The “instant” nature of social media makes it an essential tool to document the value of an event to members by virtually bringing them to it.

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Bringing Meetings Into the 21st Century By Phelps R. Hope

The technology is flashy and getting flashier, and the result is meetings that better meet attendees’ needs.

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The 3 Types That Save Time, Money and Headaches By KC Hopson

Mobile apps are wins for everybody — attendees, exhibitors and show organizers.

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The Best Way for Attendees to 'Power Up' By Rachel Portela

Increased device dependency results in a greater need for battery charging on the fly.

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By Lydia Kamicar and Ashley Pencak

Incorporating mobile apps and gamification into an association’s event strategy can greatly enhance the attendee experience.

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TechnologyApril 1, 2013
Wi-Fi at Your Meeting – Is Free Really Free? By Linda E. Schwartz

With last month’s smartphone set to be obsolete almost as soon as you’ve mastered its apps, it’s difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of onsite technology.

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