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Fresh Food and Beverage Trends Are Spicing Up Meetings By Keith Loria

There’s a myriad of things that need to be perfected for any meeting or conference, but time after time, the food and beverage offerings are one of the biggest scorecards kept at any event.

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Chefs Think Outside of the ‘Big Box’ With Creative, Restaurant-style Cuisine By Sophia Bennett

Convention center food and beverage trends are closely following those seen in restaurants and hotels across the country. They’re serving healthier foods that are creatively composed and beautifully displayed.

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The Art of F&BFebruary 1, 2017
Trends and Best Practices for 2017 By Christine Loomis

Meeting planners are charged with staying on budget while providing ever more creative themes and menus.

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Convention Center Chefs Craft Creative, Customized F&B Experiences for Groups By Cecilia Lee

One of the joys of planning an event is making the food and beverage shine and stand out as a memorable and integral part of the whole.

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