Active LearningSeptember 1, 2016
Interactive Instruction Makes Education Stick By

Attendees become more involved and invested in their conference, and better able to apply the information to their professional endeavors.

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Overseas meetings require a wide range of contingencies that will test even the most savvy and experienced event planner.

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SMM Validates You and Your Association's Success By

Meetings are big investments and today, meeting planners must have a new value-based business model to assure success.

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How to Plan a Conference That Accommodates Deaf Attendees By

What planners should know before hiring onsite interpreter coordinators.

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Harness the Power of Interactive Technology By

Professional meeting planners have a new mission to attract millennials who now represent the largest generation in the U.S. work force.

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The 3 Types That Save Time, Money and Headaches By

Mobile apps are wins for everybody — attendees, exhibitors and show organizers.

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How to Build Meaningful Exhibitor/Attendee Relationships By

Sales teams are creating unique sponsorship experiences that are resulting in increased event attendance and engagement for both exhibitors and attendees.

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Going GlobalJune 1, 2015
The Basics of Planning International Meetings By

Planning international meetings can be a heavy lift, regardless of the destination. But certain considerations can make it a lot easier.

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Make a Jump! Take a Risk! Be a Game-changer! By

It’s becoming increasingly important to organizations that they hire planners whose work and personal brand can elevate their image.

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5 Trends From the Event Service Manager's Perspective By

A fluid partnership between an event service manager and a meeting planner creates an undeniable synergy that ultimately yields a successful and memorable event.

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