Professionals are turning to their representative associations for certification programs.

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Incorporating mobile apps and gamification into an association’s event strategy can greatly enhance the attendee experience.

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Building the BuzzApril 1, 2014
How to Grow Word-of-Mouth for Your Convention By

Successful convention marketing needs more than a well-designed communication plan. You have to build the buzz.

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Extend Exhibitor ROI Beyond the Trade Show Floor By

A successful retention plan should be a collaborative process that clearly outlines a strategy to identify challenges, build loyalty, create educational opportunities and ultimately improve the overall exhibitor experience to increase ROI.

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It's Anything but Planning as Usual By

Even for event planning veterans, drawing an international audience is a challenge.

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No More 'One Size Fits All' By

You have an association filled with engaged, involved members. It’s easy to assume that everyone has the same priorities and expectations, just because they belong.

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Grow Commercial Support Despite New Regulations By

What happens when you mention the 1990s to an assembly of health care-specialized sales and development professionals? You hear a unified “Those were the days.”

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How to Get the Best Deal in Your Preferred Venue By

Gone are the days of waiting by the phone for the hotel salesperson to call you back. In an up economy (or seller’s market), they’ve got RFPs flowing onto their desks and into their email inbox and are able to cherry pick those that best benefit the hotel, and your lower-budgeted gathering is now at the bottom of the pile.

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Event ManagementJune 1, 2013
How Do You Know if Your Strategy Is Successful? By

How do you ensure that event logistics and management, and trade show and educational services are working together to maximize ROI?

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TechnologyApril 1, 2013
Wi-Fi at Your Meeting – Is Free Really Free? By

With last month’s smartphone set to be obsolete almost as soon as you’ve mastered its apps, it’s difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of onsite technology.

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