Tune in to the Latest so Attendees Won’t Tune Out By

“There’s practically no part of the event space that we aren’t considering how to digitize.”

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Planners Find Winners From Maryland to Nevada By

Meeting planners offer their thoughts about what makes these resorts good destinations for different types of meetings.

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Ensuring the Safety of Meeting Attendees Is Tops on Planners’ Agendas Today By

Like it or not, the world has changed. The Events Industry Council ranked safety and security No. 1 in its top five trends shaping the events industry.

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Hotel UpdateJuly 1, 2017
A Sampling of What’s New & Renovated From Coast to Coast By

The kind of hotel development that really grabs an association meeting planner’s attention is the new “headquarters” hotel. Fortunately, there are several such projects in the works.

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Speaker TrendsApril 1, 2017
From TED Talks to Interactivity, Today’s Approach Is Innovative and Impactful By

Over the last few years, what defines a successful presentation has changed.

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The Nation’s Venue Scene Is Varied, Versatile, Ever-Changing and Expanding By

Where planners have found a great match for their association’s meetings and conventions.

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Get a ‘Relative’ Boost in Attendance and the Bottom Line By

Here’s how five cities and associations make balancing business and family easy.

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Leading by Example in Sustainability and Community Service By

Green and socially responsible meetings show that the association cares — a key to attracting millennial members.

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Trends and Tactics to Boost Traffic and Build New Business By

New tech tools and floor strategies to create a more personalized and interactive experience.

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The Name of the Game Is to Get Them in the Door With the Right Value Proposition By

The pressure is on planners to show why theirs is THE meeting to attend over others.

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