Outlook 2017December 1, 2016
Innovation, Learning and Policy Will Shape the 2017 Meetings Industry By

As we start 2017, there are several trends that organizations and the teams involved in designing and implementing meetings will need to consider in order to meet the changing needs of their members and attendees.

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And Do the Right Thing Ethically By

The do’s and don’ts of familiarization trips, which can turn out to be a crucial piece of the site selection process.

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Rising to the Challenge of a Seller’s Market That Makes a Tough Job Even Tougher By

With tight rules and regulations on spending, site sourcing is a predominant source of stress.

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A Comprehensive, Well-Communicated Risk-Assessment Plan Makes All the Difference By

There are a host of potential safety and security problems that pose more realistic threats than terrorism.

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Where Expanding Convention Districts and Meetings Infrastructure Are Getting Planners’ Attention By

These cities are about to become major movers and shakers in the convention scene.

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Event Evaluations Range From Surveys and Social Media to Onsite Verbal Feedback By

Staying closely attuned to attendees’ needs and desires yields dividends in ROI for participants and the association itself.

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Diverse Locales Attract Faith-Based Organizations By

What ranks highest on a planner’s faithful-friendly site selection wish list.

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Convention Center Chefs Craft Creative, Customized F&B Experiences for Groups By

One of the joys of planning an event is making the food and beverage shine and stand out as a memorable and integral part of the whole.

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Higher LearningAugust 1, 2016
Trends & Strategies for More Effective Education Programming By

Enlightening lessons on animating and enriching today’s educational experience.

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'Guaranteed to Enhance the Overall Experience of Your Attendees' By

For a successful event, association planners should embrace everything great gaming resorts have to offer.

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