Planner-Hotel Sales Staff Relationships Don't Have to be Planets Apart By

We spoke with five meeting planners and five hotel sales staffers to learn what lies at the core of this relationship and what it takes to make it work.

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Making the Most of Off-Season Opportunities and Value By

Off-season events offer many advantages, including especially attractive lodging rates and flexible guest-room options due to lower occupancy.

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Preparing for the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead By

With the seller’s market still applying pressure in 2018, planners must find ways to cut costs without sacrificing the all-important ROI for attendees and stakeholders.

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Planners Prescribe Best Practices for Healthy Attendance By

A health care association conference is something that physicians and other health care providers should look forward to, because it affords them the opportunity to network with industry colleagues and discuss the latest trends.

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Interactive Tech and Boutique-Style Menus Lead By

The meetings and conferences industry saw many changes in 2017 and that trend continues through next year.

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Creative Cost-CuttingNovember 1, 2017
How to Find Savings in Key Areas Without Compromising the Experience By

Association meeting planners, recognizing the need to get the most bang for their buck, are expected to show budget restraint for all-out events that will generate maximum return on investment.

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Creating Effective Face-to-Face Networking Opportunities By

“Connecting attendees through networking is essential to creating an experience and grounding those individuals in the mission of the organization.”

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The New Administration Has Created an Unsettling Uncertainty for Budgets By

“Right now, with the new administration, there are still a lot of government jobs that are vacant, so there is a lot of uncertainty about what those agencies are going to be doing with their meetings.”

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Negotiating Controversial Clauses and Contentious Seller's Market Conditions By

Convention center and hotel contracts are evolving documents sensitive to both market conditions and new risks that need to be managed. The anti-discrimination clause is a prominent example.

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It Takes a VillageNovember 1, 2017
The Keys to Successful Global Meetings By

Developing a network of international members and planners who work on international meetings is an important part of building your capacity and making your organization’s gatherings successful.

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