Today’s young convention delegate may well become tomorrow’s highly involved senior member, but only if that young professional sees value in attendance today.

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The Proper Presentation Can Make a Meeting ... the Wrong One Can Break It By

One thing Keegan Hooks has learned during her many years in the event industry is that food and beverage can be the hidden variable that makes an event highly memorable or criticized.

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If an Incident Occurs, Know Who To Call and What to Do By

When a large group of people gather for a convention, the odds of some sort of mishap, illness, or injury — from scratches to serious injuries or sickness — go way up.

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Onsite Visits Sponsored by Local CVBs or DMOs Are a Win-Win For Planners and Venues Alike By

Familiarization or FAM trips allow meeting planners to visit a destination and determine if it’s a good fit for future conferences or other events.

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Tech the Halls!January 30, 2019
The Right Technology Tools for End-to-End Event Engagement By

As planners face increasing pressure from association stakeholders and attendees to provide memorable experiences on limited budgets, they’re turning to engagement technology to achieve those goals.

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Ways to Increase Revenue, Attendance and Exhibitors By

When it comes to growing a trade show, planners have critical questions to ask. We asked several high-level industry experts to weigh in on how best to drive trade show growth.

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Contract NegotiationsNovember 27, 2018
Planners Can Bargain if They Know the Value of Their Business and Show Flexibility By

To get the best deals, planners must raise their negotiating game by thinking like sales managers, knowing the value of their business and being more flexible with dates, rates, meeting space and other logistics.

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Advice for Planners Seeking Authenticity By

The directive for planners is simple: Seek what is genuine, what is real, what is original — not what is manufactured.

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Planning Global MeetingsNovember 27, 2018
Convening in Destinations Outside of the U.S. Raises Educational Awareness By

For growth-minded international associations, convening in new locations outside the United States is a key way to raise awareness of their educational offerings and, ultimately, gain new members across the world.

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Keep the Message GoingNovember 27, 2018
Sponsorship Trends Are Leaning Toward Experiences Rather Than Branded Items By

The experiential trend seems to be reaching every corner of the meetings industry, including conventions held by associations.

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