How Planners Manage Meetings Outside Their Comfort Zone By

New developments in an organization’s membership and/or the field it represents can motivate a global site choice. How to take a successful leap across the pond.

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These Game-Changers Are Putting Their Cities on the Site Selection Map By

First- and second-tier cities are partnering with upscale hoteliers to raise their profile in the convention market.

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Savvy Planners Use New Tools to 'Expand and Enhance' the Experience By

The right mobile technology and social media ensure active participation before, during and after the event.

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Planners Win Big With Better Attendance, Great Amenities and Prime Entertainment By

The best meeting-savvy resorts attract a remarkably diverse selection of conferences and attendees — gaming enthusiasts and not.

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‘Experience Design’ Gives Attendees a Reason to Stay and Explore By

Event organizers need to find ways to make the trade show floor experience appealing at the very least and dazzlingly memorable at best.

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Capital IdeasApril 1, 2015
Input From Planners Is the Key to Successful Convention Center Improvement Projects By

Convention center improvement projects are often major investments that have the potential to boost group business along with the local economy.

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How to Find the Right Speakers and Entertainers — Even on a Budget By

Speakers and entertainers are critical to a convention’s success on many levels.

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Value DestinationsApril 1, 2015
Price Is Just One Part of the Total Value Package Planners Are Looking for By

From Detroit to Oklahoma City, find out the new stories these and other select cities have to “sell.”

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Citywide MeetingsFebruary 1, 2015
Planning Challenges Grow as the Economy Improves By

A seller’s market and high demand are limiting availability for large meetings.

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Fresh Ideas to Generate ROI for Exhibitors and Sponsors By

Act more like a business to keep exhibitors coming back.

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